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Prompt Table

Thanks to the wonderful people who helped me with the prompt table thing - you were all helpful. I am quite inept when it comes to technology, unfortunately, so I'm glad that there are others here that aren't! So this is my very own prompt table for you guys =]

I guess I should impose some rules before you get too excited...Umm, you can choose from these people (like you don't know who already): Colin, Jared, Hephaestion, Alexander. I don't care who you put together out of those four =D (But I will say that I don't really want to write Jared/Phai because Kleemoon has pretty much got that covered lol). Actually I'll just list the info I'd like you to cover in order to help me sufficiently fill your request:

1. Pairing (let's keep it to two people =] )
2. Setting (I mean modern day or Alex's time, just in case)
3. Rating
4. Anything else you think I should know?

I suppose that's all...? I got a little carried away with words, so you can make two requests if you want to so I can get through the list more quickly. I will underline the words that have been requested/in progress and strike through those completed. When I finish someone's request I'll post it and also send you a PM just to let you know. The words are rather random. That is all. Luv you guys.


Prompt Table







Without Warning




















Thank you!!!

Guys - you are all just made of awesome. Really. I appreciate you so much for this. Here are the questions, and again, thank you!

1. How do people greet each other - shake hands? Bow? Embrace? Other? How do they part?

2. On what occasions would you present or accept gifts? What gifts are considered appropriate? If flowers, what kind?

3. Are children usualy present/participants at social gatherings? Elderly members of the family? Women?

4. How are children disciplined at home and school?

5. Are children segragated in school? If so, how? (e.g. gender)

6. Do most people read/write?

7. How are public sanitation, hygiene, and garbage dealt with?

8. What is the normal dress of women? Of men?

9. What foods are taboo? What actions are taboo?

10. If, as a customer, you touch or handle things that are for sale, will you be considered knowledgeable, or inconsiderate, within or outside your rights?

11. Is TV available? How widely used? What programs are available?

12. What is the attitude toward drinking/gambling?

13. How do adults/children spend their free time?

14. What is the normal pattern of work (school) days and days off? What are normal working hours for men/women?

15. What are important holidays? How are they observed?

16. How do people get married? Who makes the arrangements? What is the attitude towards divorce?

17. What is the common language? Which others are used?

18. What is the principal religion?Is it a state (official) religion? What are its basic dictrines? Who are its originators and shapers?

19. What is the attitude of believers in the principal religion toward other religions/their followers?

20. Who are the country's national heroes - women as well as men? For what are they celebrated?

*edit* please tell me what country you're from - lol! Just so I can make sure I'm saying the right things about the right countries.

Help!! Please
Hey guys, I know it's been a while since I've been on here - sorry for that. School has been a bitch this semester and I actually have a semblance of a social life. Anyway, I have an assignment due Monday for my global studies class. We have to write a short paper about the customs of other countries, we got a list of questions that I need to be answered. Unfotunately I don't have the questions on me, but if I post them at 10:00 pm central time, could any of you possibly answer the questions by afternoon-ish tomorrow?? I know I have foreign buddies on here. =] I would appreciate this SO much; the person I was going to interview had to randomly take a trip out of town this weekend. =[ Seriously, you would be really saving me. It doesn't matter how many people answer - the more the merrier. In return, I will promise something fairly substantial (or what I hope is, anyway): I will finish 'Undoubtedly Devoted' by the end of this year. Yes. I will. And I know I've been out of the loop for over a month now - it's daunting to think about everything I must have missed, and then to come and ask for something school-related...Please forgive me. But I know that you guys are awesome, and I really hope that you'll help me this once. I luv you!!!

Food drabbles

Hey all! So I've got two drabbles for Jun's prompt. They're actually on time. ^_^ Aso, both dialogue-only, I've been kind of obsessed with those lately. I've got a few more ficlets which I'll post later. Anyway, enjoy these two =D

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Exciting News!
Hello! I just want to make a quick announcement. I'm giddy just typing about it. *very giddy face*

30 Seconds to Mars...is...coming...to Nashville!!!! Whooooooo!!!!! For those of you who are unaware, I live a mere half hour away from Nashville, Tennessee. I'm so excited!!! Wahhhh!!!!!

Of course, they aren't coming until October...but I'm so excited that they're coming at all. I'm trying to get my BFF to go with me, and she's all 'I'm going to have a night class that night' but she is coming whether she likes it or not. And it will probably be the 'or not' considering she doesn't like 30STM XD But her attitude won't ruin my time. It will only amuse me, really.

Anyway, they're playing at this place called 'Rocketown' which I've never heard of, but I looked it up. It's big, I think, and has a skate park. It's a christian-y place...boo...kinda weird that they're playing there, but whatever. Don't even care.

I can't wait!


I decided to share a few (unfortunately blurry) pics of my growing puppy ^_^


'Fear' Ficlet

Heeey peeps. ^_^ How's it going? I hope well. I just have a ficlet I'd like to share, for Jun's prompt, 'fear,' which is obviously late but hopefully enjoyable nonetheless. It's something I've been wondering about for a while: Jared's reaction to Henry (Colin's 2nd son). I would find it realy interesting to see how other people would write about it, so I'd luv you if you want to tackle it also. It was actually really hard for me to write about, I didn't address every detail I wanted to because it wouldn't flow well enough, and I'm still not really satisfied with it...but I want to be done with it. So here it goes.

Fic: Fear
Author: Me! (no beta)
Pairing: Jared/Colin
Rating: pg13
Summary: Colin tells Jared that he'll be a father again. Jared reacts. (eh. bad summary.)


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What's up

Hey everyone! To those in the states with me, I hope you had a nice July 4th weekend. Everyone else, I hope you also had a nice, normal weekend. If I am not online quite as much during the next few weeks, it is because we just got a puppy last Saturday! ^___^ He's so cute. He's a rottweiler (sp?) mix - his mom was a rottweiler but the store didn't know what the dad was, maybe some kind of hound. Anyway, I got to name him, and his name is Renny. Isn't that cute?? Here are a few pics:

 That's me he's resting on. I had just come home from work.

Yeah. He's super-cute and super-soft! My only complaint is that he likes to bite, which is fine because all puppies do, but he likes to try to chew our hands and arms and whatnot and his teeth are sharp! My sister and I are also taking turns sleeping downstairs with him to take him outside to use the bathroom at ungodly hours of the night. Oh well.

Welll, anyway. I actually have a lil' ficlet for Jun's 'lost' prompt, which was written at like midnight and so it's not exactly my masterpiece...but here it is. I wasn't going to post it but Jun asked nicely. =P

Fic: Lost
Author: Me (no beta)
Pair: Colin/Jared
Rating: pg13
Disclaimer: Never happened, no profit for me


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After Party (2/2)
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

After Party

Hey everyone! So you might have noticed that I've been absent for a lil bit >.> Or mabe not, lol. Just lie and say you've missed me XD Anyway, I don't really have a reason for being gone, I can't really explain it. It actually started right after I finished reading the Morocco Trilogy (as Tariel called it), which was AWESOME. I'm sure you've all read it. I can't believe I never found it on my own, I'm going to have to tell the author how awesome they are. Maybe the story was just too epic to be read within a few days XD I needed a break. So now I have to go through and see what lovely updates I've missed from everyone (I know I'm probably way behind in your story, Tariel). I can't promise to comment on everything, so forgive me, my lovelies.

So onto my actual update. This is the first half of the requested fic for Teahousemoon83 from my prompt box. She requested Colin/Jared with the word 'fight.' This is also serving as the sequel to 'No Strings Attached,' the really sad one? Anyone remember it? Anyway. This half doesn't exactly get to the prompt, but the second half does, I promise. So I hope you enjoy this anyway. =D Special appearance by Robert Downey Jr., which pretty much makes any story awesome =P

Fic: After Party (1/2)
Author: Emily (no beta)
Rating: pg13? For this half, anyway
Disclaimer: never happened, blah blah blah
Summary: You're wasting time reading the summary when you could just start on the fic.
Notes: Luv you all!


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Research Paper

Hello! This is my paper on Alexander that I was talking about. I'm sure you guys know a lot about him already, and this stuff will be especially repetitive probably, but read away if you wish. =] Maybe it will be interesting for you to see how I write for an actual class as opposed to creative writing. Thoughts, concerns, praises, enraged ranting at something I got wrong, all is welcome. =P


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