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Exciting News!
Hello! I just want to make a quick announcement. I'm giddy just typing about it. *very giddy face*

30 Seconds to Nashville!!!! Whooooooo!!!!! For those of you who are unaware, I live a mere half hour away from Nashville, Tennessee. I'm so excited!!! Wahhhh!!!!!

Of course, they aren't coming until October...but I'm so excited that they're coming at all. I'm trying to get my BFF to go with me, and she's all 'I'm going to have a night class that night' but she is coming whether she likes it or not. And it will probably be the 'or not' considering she doesn't like 30STM XD But her attitude won't ruin my time. It will only amuse me, really.

Anyway, they're playing at this place called 'Rocketown' which I've never heard of, but I looked it up. It's big, I think, and has a skate park. It's a christian-y weird that they're playing there, but whatever. Don't even care.

I can't wait!


I decided to share a few (unfortunately blurry) pics of my growing puppy ^_^


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Awww what a sweet sweet dog you got.
Could cuddle him all day.

I was twice there twice this year, one time in Munich in March and in June in Frankfurt....amaaaaazing, he's so damn cool and so professional and not to forget he's a fuuny guy.

I could hardly explore he was ill, as they say in March.
And wow, in October they were one year on tour, and it isn't even the end of tour. There were also some dates till December!
I'm really thinking of doing one more concert, than I got the good three full!!!

Btw, may I ask about UD ? Miss them badly! Last chap, ....wasn't it that with the sms game on their annyversary sunday, where Eamonn an Shannon arrived? Though they really loved their brothers, it was kinda bad timing, hahaha! Boring....with only them both....? Hey Oliver if you only got a clue...*evil grin*!!

*beso y abrazoz, mi amiga*


besos, naturalmente :)

awwwww, love the puppy! :)
and YAY! you'll see the boys :):):)

I'll probably go to 'Columbus' concert. Too bad they did not come to Indy when I lived ...

Awww... *hugs puppy and you*

He's got some big paws now D: I love your dog *-*

And yay for you! Wish I could go to a Mars show too T__T *Is waiting for dates in San Diego* Hope you have fun there! :D And get a picture or something, otherwise, it never happened xD

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