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Help!! Please
Hey guys, I know it's been a while since I've been on here - sorry for that. School has been a bitch this semester and I actually have a semblance of a social life. Anyway, I have an assignment due Monday for my global studies class. We have to write a short paper about the customs of other countries, we got a list of questions that I need to be answered. Unfotunately I don't have the questions on me, but if I post them at 10:00 pm central time, could any of you possibly answer the questions by afternoon-ish tomorrow?? I know I have foreign buddies on here. =] I would appreciate this SO much; the person I was going to interview had to randomly take a trip out of town this weekend. =[ Seriously, you would be really saving me. It doesn't matter how many people answer - the more the merrier. In return, I will promise something fairly substantial (or what I hope is, anyway): I will finish 'Undoubtedly Devoted' by the end of this year. Yes. I will. And I know I've been out of the loop for over a month now - it's daunting to think about everything I must have missed, and then to come and ask for something school-related...Please forgive me. But I know that you guys are awesome, and I really hope that you'll help me this once. I luv you!!!

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I luv you e_e it's posted now

*lol* For a minute I thought I missed your drabble entry *Help*

Sure, I can answer the questions :)

lol! That's funny. And you're amazing. The questions are now posted

If you consider Canada as foreign :P then I can answer too, hon. :)

Pshh. Of course you're foreign. =] Thanks, dear! And I luv. your. icon. a lot.

Ah thanks. I took the pic myself - turned out kind of freaky but cool. :D

Really? That's awesome. I really like the angle and the lighting. It turned out very well I think! (If you squint, he almost looks a lil like Robert Downey Jr)

Ok, please throw the questions at me, dear! I'm eagerly waiting for.:D
Only I hope I can give you the right least I really try hard to do so!

Long story short...I'd be pleased to help you!!! :))))

How are you, dear?


Thanks, Carmen!! They're posted now =]

I'm pretty good - just busy! How about you?

The more the merrier right? :p i can do it too :3

Well, I think we all now have to compete :)
Anyway, I would gladly answer.

Haha, my plan was to make a competition the whole time...=P Thank you very much, dear, they're posted now (the question)

Ok, bring it on. China definitely counts as foreign country I guess.

BTW, you're going to finish UD, seriously? I kind of want it to go on forever~ Don't get me wrong, I'm overly excited to hear you're gonna work on it, it's just that I love it too much, and never want it to end.

Ooo, China will be fun to learn about! Thank you! (the questions are posted now, btw)

Yes, since you guys are fulfilling my request for help, I will keep my promise and finish UD. It's been a long time coming. But I'm with you, I'd like to keep writing it

I'm not sure you'll still get the answers in time for your paper, but since you are behind in time and it's only sunday noon around here, this may work.
I already answered most of them - now of to the rest. I'm sorry if they are not detailed enough maybe, but Sunday is family day and I can't sit in front of this machine at length today. But I'll do my best. And don't you dare complain after disappearing for weeks, missy! :))

P.S. Good to know you are back - sort of. And you are even planning to continue and FINISH Undoubtely devoted!? Miracles do happen. xD

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