Help!! Please
Hey guys, I know it's been a while since I've been on here - sorry for that. School has been a bitch this semester and I actually have a semblance of a social life. Anyway, I have an assignment due Monday for my global studies class. We have to write a short paper about the customs of other countries, we got a list of questions that I need to be answered. Unfotunately I don't have the questions on me, but if I post them at 10:00 pm central time, could any of you possibly answer the questions by afternoon-ish tomorrow?? I know I have foreign buddies on here. =] I would appreciate this SO much; the person I was going to interview had to randomly take a trip out of town this weekend. =[ Seriously, you would be really saving me. It doesn't matter how many people answer - the more the merrier. In return, I will promise something fairly substantial (or what I hope is, anyway): I will finish 'Undoubtedly Devoted' by the end of this year. Yes. I will. And I know I've been out of the loop for over a month now - it's daunting to think about everything I must have missed, and then to come and ask for something school-related...Please forgive me. But I know that you guys are awesome, and I really hope that you'll help me this once. I luv you!!!

Thank you!!!

Guys - you are all just made of awesome. Really. I appreciate you so much for this. Here are the questions, and again, thank you!

1. How do people greet each other - shake hands? Bow? Embrace? Other? How do they part?

2. On what occasions would you present or accept gifts? What gifts are considered appropriate? If flowers, what kind?

3. Are children usualy present/participants at social gatherings? Elderly members of the family? Women?

4. How are children disciplined at home and school?

5. Are children segragated in school? If so, how? (e.g. gender)

6. Do most people read/write?

7. How are public sanitation, hygiene, and garbage dealt with?

8. What is the normal dress of women? Of men?

9. What foods are taboo? What actions are taboo?

10. If, as a customer, you touch or handle things that are for sale, will you be considered knowledgeable, or inconsiderate, within or outside your rights?

11. Is TV available? How widely used? What programs are available?

12. What is the attitude toward drinking/gambling?

13. How do adults/children spend their free time?

14. What is the normal pattern of work (school) days and days off? What are normal working hours for men/women?

15. What are important holidays? How are they observed?

16. How do people get married? Who makes the arrangements? What is the attitude towards divorce?

17. What is the common language? Which others are used?

18. What is the principal religion?Is it a state (official) religion? What are its basic dictrines? Who are its originators and shapers?

19. What is the attitude of believers in the principal religion toward other religions/their followers?

20. Who are the country's national heroes - women as well as men? For what are they celebrated?

*edit* please tell me what country you're from - lol! Just so I can make sure I'm saying the right things about the right countries.


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