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Prompt Table

Thanks to the wonderful people who helped me with the prompt table thing - you were all helpful. I am quite inept when it comes to technology, unfortunately, so I'm glad that there are others here that aren't! So this is my very own prompt table for you guys =]

I guess I should impose some rules before you get too excited...Umm, you can choose from these people (like you don't know who already): Colin, Jared, Hephaestion, Alexander. I don't care who you put together out of those four =D (But I will say that I don't really want to write Jared/Phai because Kleemoon has pretty much got that covered lol). Actually I'll just list the info I'd like you to cover in order to help me sufficiently fill your request:

1. Pairing (let's keep it to two people =] )
2. Setting (I mean modern day or Alex's time, just in case)
3. Rating
4. Anything else you think I should know?

I suppose that's all...? I got a little carried away with words, so you can make two requests if you want to so I can get through the list more quickly. I will underline the words that have been requested/in progress and strike through those completed. When I finish someone's request I'll post it and also send you a PM just to let you know. The words are rather random. That is all. Luv you guys.


Prompt Table







Without Warning




















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and sincea word caught my attention , i'm requesting XD
Jared/Colin - Religious
(yeap... deviated me... that had me thinking about father Farrell and Father Leto again...LOL!!!)
anyway, use the word's mening as you want, set it wherever and whenever you want, i'm easy to please :P
and rating... nc-17 are my favs cuase yeap... again, dirty me likes sex but it's not necesary, so if your idea doesn't adjust to that rating it's ok too :P

Awww honey you made me happy :)
Can I choose "fight"? Like in a big big *big* fight? Jared/Colin please. and NC17 if you, make one of them really jealous so they can fight and then they can *cough cough* make up?? :D yeah, I am a sucker!! for angst!!
much love

Yes you can. I'm going to have fun with this one.

Glad you got it working and the comment about my Jared/Phai made me smile. Thank you.

I'd like to see what you can do with Jared/Colin, Paint - please. I'll just leave the whole thing up to you.
PS - don't worry, the words will dwindle fast)

Teehee. You're welcome. I will do my best!

Btw, have you been brain-storming for our story??

I have a creepy, weird idea XD
Pairing: Colin/Jared
Setting: Alex's time! (I let you decide if they can pop around somewhere or just be mentioned or something XD use your imagination :3)
Rating: Umm... Any you wish
I'm curious as to how you can work this out, husband dear XD

Also, I want Attention with Alex/Phai hehe
Modern time.
Attention whore Alex and annoyed Phai or something like that hehe

Oh, this is fun ^_^
May I choose 'Fabulous'?
1. Pairing: Alexander/Hephaistion
2. Setting: Past, present, as you wish
3. Rating: K-R
4. When I saw the word, the first thing came to my mind was a book calls 'Alexander the Fabulous'. The summary of the book starts like this, "In this sassy history of Alexander the Great, you'll get the "straight" scoop on history's most fabulous queer personality." And Alexander describes Hephaistion as "pure
shagability". So if it's all possible, can you make it with some humor? But, I will take anything with Alexander/Hephaistion.

That book sounds hilarious! "pure shagability" XD Was this a british author? This will be fun too!

Ok,I'm supposed to be in my bed already! I said to bloodykisses89!
I won't lie, but that request, than I'll sleep! :)))
Ok, my coice is:
Colin/Hephaestion and the
Prompt: Melt
Setting: as you wish,
Rating: N-17, wish you a nice writing time, dear!
I know, you'll make it fantastic! Looking forward!
But for now really...G'Night girls, sweet dreams to all of you!
Thanks in advance

This is going to be one of the harder ones, I think...but it will be done deary ^___^

Oh, request time, request time - how exciting! Me wants a story, too, my precioussssssss. :-)

I'd like 'NEVER' with Colin and Jared, please. (Has anyone thought about a Alexander/Colin story yet?! Naaaahhh. xD)

Don't care about the time setting or rating. I'll leave that up to you. You don't even have to make it toooooooooo sappy, although you know that I love fluff. But please, don't make me run for the kleenex box again. LOL

Looking forward to it!!!!

Alex/Colin - for some reason I feel like there might be too much testosterone (sp?) XD Hopefully you'll only need a tissue because it's so happy...I'll try to make it extra-fluffy for you =]

Prompt Word: Phat
1. Pairing: Alex/Phai
2. Setting: Modern Day
3. Rating: Doesn't matter. :P
4. Anything else you think I should know? Not really but I wanna see if you can do anything with this. *Shrugs*

This prompt in of itself is hilarious. I look forward to it

Ojay here it goes mine.

beginning for Alex & Phai in modern times, NC-17 or R but nothing too rough .....


Ooo modern times. I like the little spins everyone has for their prompts. It will be done dear!

Promt table, wow, can I put my request with "car" word, plz. Pairing Colin/Jared. Timeline: modern days. Raiting: R and more XD some romantic fic.

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Hello there...I'm not sure of what you're talking about, as your comment has nothing to do with my prompt table =]

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