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After Party

Hey everyone! So you might have noticed that I've been absent for a lil bit >.> Or mabe not, lol. Just lie and say you've missed me XD Anyway, I don't really have a reason for being gone, I can't really explain it. It actually started right after I finished reading the Morocco Trilogy (as Tariel called it), which was AWESOME. I'm sure you've all read it. I can't believe I never found it on my own, I'm going to have to tell the author how awesome they are. Maybe the story was just too epic to be read within a few days XD I needed a break. So now I have to go through and see what lovely updates I've missed from everyone (I know I'm probably way behind in your story, Tariel). I can't promise to comment on everything, so forgive me, my lovelies.

So onto my actual update. This is the first half of the requested fic for Teahousemoon83 from my prompt box. She requested Colin/Jared with the word 'fight.' This is also serving as the sequel to 'No Strings Attached,' the really sad one? Anyone remember it? Anyway. This half doesn't exactly get to the prompt, but the second half does, I promise. So I hope you enjoy this anyway. =D Special appearance by Robert Downey Jr., which pretty much makes any story awesome =P

Fic: After Party (1/2)
Author: Emily (no beta)
Rating: pg13? For this half, anyway
Disclaimer: never happened, blah blah blah
Summary: You're wasting time reading the summary when you could just start on the fic.
Notes: Luv you all!


                Colin used to live for after parties. Award shows were nice, but what happened off-camera amongst his peers were some of the craziest moments in Hollywood. The paparazzi would kill for what they didn’t get to see. He loved the blaring music that saw to the worsening of his hearing with every song that played, the way newly filled drinks seemed to magically appear in his hand. But since Colin was a clean man, he had fun in a different sort of way. He was more sociable. He knew that people were laughing with rather than at him.

What he liked most of all, though, was that he could remember everything the following morning.

                “So I have a question about that movie of yours, Alexander.”

                “Christ, you would. Out with it, then,” Colin replied, grin in place. He was currently chatting with Robert Downey Jr. They weren’t the closest of friends, but they always seemed to click when the opportunity arose for them to speak. Colin liked to think that it was because of their shared past struggles with addictions and overcoming them. Robert liked to point out that it was actually their shared eye color.

                They walked outside where there were few people. Colin had no idea of who was hosting this particular party, but they had one huge back yard.

                Robert put on a serious face. “It’s personal. Can you handle it?”

                “I’ll be fine,” Colin said as he brought his (virgin) strawberry daiquiri to his lips.

                “Did you and Jared fuck like rabbits?” Robert smirked, remaining cool as Colin proceeded to nearly choke on his drink. “I thought you said you could handle it.”

                “Fuck you, Robert,” Colin managed once he was breathing normally again. “Where the fuck did that come from?”

                “I always thought you two would make a cute couple,” Robert mused aloud, like it was the most natural statement in the world. Something flashed in his eyes. “So did you?”

                Colin was suddenly very interested in looking at his glass. He felt uncomfortable as he tried to think of the right answer. Robert showed no sign of acknowledging this.

                “I’m waiting.”

                “Why do you ask?” Colin asked. He hadn’t thought about Jared in a long time, a conscious effort on his part. They hadn’t spoken since that disastrous phone conversation.

                Robert shrugged. “I just thought there might be a reason for the fact that you two haven’t spoken the entire time you’ve been here.”

                Colin felt a ball of nerves place itself in his stomach. “Jared’s here?” He tried to sound impartial, but he knew that Robert was good at picking up details about others.

                “He certainly is.” He spoke slowly as he studied Colin. “I suppose being unaware of his presence is a better explanation.”

                Colin was glancing around them, trying to mentally prepare himself should Jared simply appear before him. He hated feeling ‘on guard’ about someone who was no longer present in his life – physically present, at any rate.

                “He’s inside, hot stuff.” Robert finally grinned and giggled loudly. Colin smiled to himself. Robert never chuckled, he giggled, and he was one of the few men comfortable enough with himself to pull it off. He sat down on a bench and invitingly looked up at Colin. “Care to join me?”

                Colin rolled his eyes but sat down. He placed his empty glass at the end of the bench, away from him so that he wouldn’t accidentally knock it over.

                Robert shifted so that he could face Colin more. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’ to my earlier question?”

                Colin groaned. “What the hell is it with you tonight?” Jared was last person he wanted to talk about.      

                Delighted, Robert giggled again. “There are so many follow up questions – I know. Who topped?” He was apparently far from dropping the subject.

                Colin leaned forward and pressed his face into his hands. “It was a long time ago.” Six years. Nearly seven. By now, Colin had formed a sort of immunity to thinking about Jared. It was difficult at first, forcing himself to think of something else – anything else – when his thoughts wondered to Jared, but eventually he began doing it automatically, until he finally, for the most part, severed Jared from his thoughts. And now that he was being made to think exclusively on the matter, he was surprised to find how clearly he remembered. 

                “I don’t care how long it was – you don’t forget who topped.” Robert spoke matter-of-factly.

                Robert was right. Completely forgetting would have been a luxury that Colin wasn’t afforded. He uncovered his face, placed his hands together and rested his chin there. If he was going to talk about it, he might as well just get on with it. “It was usually me. It was almost always me.”

                A quick nod in response let Colin know that he had just confirmed some sort of suspicion that Robert carried. “I thought so. You don’t like catching?”

                Colin did his best to ignore the brown eyes watching him. “No – I mean it wasn’t that I didn’t like it so much as Jared…”

                “Loved it?”

                “Well, yeah, I guess he did.” It was so odd hearing these things out loud, to show Robert into the locked room of his past which he had long ago slammed the door on and thrown away the key. In all honesty, though, it was less a slam and more of a slow, quiet shutting. Maybe that was why it was so easy to remember, or maybe Jared Leto was simply a difficult person to forget.

                “So was it good?”

                Colin smiled softly without realizing it. “It was really good.” While it lasted. He finally sat up again and faced Robert. “Not that it’s any of your business.”

                “I make it my business. So would you recommend Jared as a sexual partner?” Colin felt like he was being questioned by a psychologist with the way Robert maintained a perfectly neutral tone.

                Colin thought. “…No.”

                Robert actually looked surprised for once. “No?” He didn’t sound incredulous, just curious.

                “No.” Colin looked down. He would’ve left it at that, but then found himself involuntarily saying more. “You’ll fall in love.” And he won’t care.

                “Oh,” Robert said, reaching out to place his hand on Colin’s shoulder. “That’s why you’ve been so reluctant to answer my questions. Sorry, honey. And on top of that, Alexander bombed. Rough year.”

                Colin smiled bitterly. “Thanks. I didn’t really care about Alexander bombing, though. Sometimes I was glad that it did because it gave me an excuse to be as depressed as I was.” He wondered if he sounded as broken to Robert as he did to himself.

                “Jesus. Now I’m depressed. No wonder the Irish drink so much.”

                Colin smiled appreciatively.

                "Did you tell him how you felt?”

                “Not in so many words, but he knew.”

                “Shame. He would’ve been a lucky guy.”

                “So would I.”

                “…You didn’t do anything wrong, Colin.”

                Colin turned his head to look at Robert. There was a reason that he didn’t like to dwell on the past, and now he was desperately trying not to lose his footing and fall into the well of sadness that Jared had left in his wake. It was becoming increasingly difficult. “How do you know?”

                Robert opened his mouth, presumably to speak, but paused. “I don’t. I’m just trying to be a good friend. I’d also like to see you smile again.”

                Colin did smile. “If you want to be a good friend, I suggest you get me to stop thinking about Jared again.”

                He expected Robert to make a joke, to change the subject. He didn’t expect Robert to hold the back of his neck, glance around to make sure no one was looking, and then gently pull Colin close for a kiss, which was what happened. He found that he liked the contradiction between Robert’s soft lips and the roughness of his neatly trimmed beard. He didn’t like it when the kiss abruptly ended.

                Robert smirked mischievously. “Is that a good way to make you stop thinking about him?”

                Colin would’ve replied sarcastically, but then remembered that Robert had a very nice wife. “What about Susan?”

                “We have an open relationship.” Again, Robert spoke like it was the most natural thing. “I’m going to kiss you again.” Then he did. Colin didn’t object, didn’t even notice minutes later when footsteps approached them.


                At the sound of another person’s voice, Colin immediately pulled away as though Robert’s touch burned him. He turned his head to see a slightly annoyed Jude Law. Robert smiled brightly.


                “Robert. Am I interrupting?” Colin noted that Jude had a very pleasant voice, even if he did sound peeved.

                Robert replied coyly. “Don’t be silly. This is Colin Farrell.”

                Colin couldn’t remember the last time he had felt so awkward. “Hi, Jude. I’m sorry if-”

                “Don’t be sorry, Colin. I was just helping him get over an ex, Jude.”

                “By all means, then, don’t let me stop you.”

                Robert pouted. “Judesie-”

                “I’ll be inside.” He walked away, toward the house. Colin felt the need to apologize again.

                Robert said nothing for a few moments, and then sighed. He looked at Colin apologetically. “Would you hate me for following him?”

                Colin shook his head. Robert smiled and sighed again, looking at the house where Jude disappeared.

                “I love him, but he does get jealous. My open relationship weirds him out sometimes; he’s finally come to terms with Susan, but…anyway, will you be ok?”

                “I’ll be fine. You should go after him.”

                “Ok. You’re a good guy, Colin.” Then he was gone.

                Colin sighed. He sat there. He wondered what to do. He hoped that Jude wouldn’t stay upset for long. He doubted that Jude would be able to stay upset for long. It was Robert Downey Jr., after all.

                It was a pretty night, the kind of night that made Colin wish to see stars. But this was California, not Ireland. He would have to settle for the black canvas overhanging the party.

                Two people were passing by his spot, talking casually like he and Robert had been doing earlier. One he recognized as Jennifer Connelly, as stunning as ever. She laughed at something her companion said as they walked by Colin. Then Colin glanced at the companion and felt his mouth drop, speaking before he could stop himself. 



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Omg! 2 in 1, awww! I love RDJude so much! Uh, give next chapter, pleeeease!

*gasp* a fellow RDJude lover in the Colin/Jared community? Yay! I'm ridiculously excited now ^_^ I'll try to post the next part within the next few days, promise!

Woohoo! New "Holmes" makes me crazy. *g* i'm so glad that you wrote about them.

Yes, I did miss you! *hugs* I was wondering where you've gone. I'm glad you are still here. And best of all, you are still writing J/C :)

I loved this story; all those detail background you gave us. It was so easy for me to get into the mood. I hope I don't have to wait too long for the conclusion.

Jun! *returns hug* I'm glad to be back too ^.^

Thanks, it makes me happy that you point that out because whenever I get through writing a part of a story, I always read it multiple times to see if anything can be added in. I remember someone saying that you should remember that the reader only knows the information that the writer provides, so I try to keep that in I'm glad you like it thus far, I appreciate your praise =]

I noticed your absence! But you do return with such nice gifts. So totally was not expecting RDJ in this, although my mind immediately went to the movie where he and Jared were a gay couple. Then he and Colin kiss! (Too much sexiness on one bench, mind you.) And then you toss in Jude Law for good effect? I love you. :)

Can't wait for part two!

Uhh, there's a movie where RDJ and Jared are a gay couple? For real? I would really like to know about this movie =D

That bench must have been the happiest bench in the world at that moment. I know I would've been. I'm glad you like it ^_^

Mhmm, it's an old 1999 movie called Black & White. There aren't many scenes with them together (only 2), but those two are great. And RDJ makes a hilarious gay.

You saw that movie too?

I got the DVD, the sound isn't good at all, but

yes, they made a cute couple in that movie. Made me laugh
when Jay talked to that woman in the club...and when Robert appeared, he dropped the woman and turned to him, hahaha...talking about the same perfume they used XD

an amused cujlover

Yeah, that scene was great. I just wish they had more movie moments together.

The ending! When they obviously went shopping and holding hands.
Love that scene...and yes, you're right I'd prefer much nore moments like that in the movie......or even a bit more <-*covers mouth while saying this* XD

I missed you, too dear!

I loved it how you involved know I'm fond I'm a little fond of him, too.
He's such a funny guy. And by the way, yes indeed he isn't as gorgeous as Colin or Jared, but he also is n ot the ugliest one.

So this is what I makes me always wonder, if they are such good buddies, why one can see them on a photo together, since that bloody Alexander premier?
I came to the conclusion,that by any chance there was something intimate between them, period!
And now, they both are ashamed of that and try to hide and/or pretend it was nothing. ;-) Who really knows.

You did a great job here again and I'm eager to read more soon.
Is there Robert again?

Please don't let us wait for so long *puppy eyes*!


Missed you too =D

I would actually place Robert at an equal level with Colin/Jared as far as looks go...that man is sexy. Rawr. =]

Robert might make a small appearance in the other half, if I can fit him in there. ^_^ I almost ust made this a Colin/Robert one shot, but am making myself stick to the original plan. lol. I'm glad you like it deary! You won't wait long.

Hi sweetie!!
You're back. That's nice. And you've been a busy bee while you were gone - that's even nicer! *big hug*
So you liked the Morocco trilogy? Told ya, it's cool. I'd say, it's a cult story in this fandom, but I don't like the recent stories the same author came up with. But it's a matter of taste, I guess.
I perfectly love this story so far!! OMG! Robert Downey jr. and Jude Law? Okay, Sherlock Holmes was as shashy as can be *grins* and you've noticed that, too, huh? And now Robert kisses Colin? But then, hell, Colin kisses everything that moves, so what? LOL Very fresh the questions he's been asking, but it made Colin think of Jared again. And now I'm sooooo curious where this is heading! *No strings attached* was depressing as hell, so please, please, please don't make me sad again!! You know I'm a sissy. Even parts here gave me teary eyes again. Like:

“No.” Colin looked down. He would’ve left it at that, but then found himself involuntarily saying more. “You’ll fall in love.” And he won’t care.

Awwww. He's still not over it. Still not over him

Want more!!!!!! Great start, sweetie! Are you gonna stick around now?

Hey girl! I haven't been that busy, really >.> *hug returned!*

Yeah, the Morocco trilogy was such a roller coaster concerning plot, up and down and up and down, but it was a good read.

I'm glad you like this ^.^ Sherlock Holmes was amazing, the entire time I watched all I thought about was how I hoped more slashy things would happen and how I couldn't wait for all the inevitable fics to start pouring in. I promise not to make you as depressed as last time, but not sure if I can promise a happy ending (cuz I haven't finished writing it yet) either. I suppose you'll have to wait and see ;)

I, too, was very sad about that particular line. Not enough for tears, but it did make me feel emotional.

Yessss, I will stick around ^_^ You'll get more soon!

hello my sweet E!!!!! welcome back and bearing gifts makes your return better!

OMG, such a bunch of gorgeous men all together!!!!! mmmm poor Colin, he is still so depressed and now he has Jared walking by and YOU CAN'T STOP THERE! *stern look*

you were missed a lot so DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!

I HAVE MY BETA BACK, I HAVE MY BETA BACK !!!!! *does the happy dance*



Hello M! I was quite relieved upon reading your response to my email - I'm glad to be back as your beta! ^___^

OMG I know right - so many gorgeous men in one fic - I'm surprised my computer didn't explode while I was writing it XD

I will never leave for so long without a proper warning again, promise. =]

*hugs back*

Oh holy shit!
Yay for Robert, love the guy *w*

And yay for someone actually mentioning Jennifer *w* That awesome little She-Jared *w*

Can't wait for part two, and I did miss you, husband darling T_T

I LURVE me some Robert too, I've been wanting to write about him forEVER...I also really like Jennifer. She's very pretty and talented as an actress. I still haven't seen that movie that she and Jared were in together (I forget the name of it), but I actually think they'd look cute together...too bad Jared's with Colin =P

Oh esposa, I missed you too - sorry for disappearing!

It's Requiem for a Dream, and they look more like twins than like a couple (I want to write a fic and make "twin jokes" about those two XD The only difference is the eye color xD), and I really loved that you included Judeee here too! I could imagine Robert running after him and Jude going all "No... Go away u.u" Poor thing xD

But you are back now, hubby dearest! :D Worry not XD

OH, and by all means, do NOT watch Requiem for a Dream... It's pretty bloody disturbing D:

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