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Hey everyone! To those in the states with me, I hope you had a nice July 4th weekend. Everyone else, I hope you also had a nice, normal weekend. If I am not online quite as much during the next few weeks, it is because we just got a puppy last Saturday! ^___^ He's so cute. He's a rottweiler (sp?) mix - his mom was a rottweiler but the store didn't know what the dad was, maybe some kind of hound. Anyway, I got to name him, and his name is Renny. Isn't that cute?? Here are a few pics:

 That's me he's resting on. I had just come home from work.

Yeah. He's super-cute and super-soft! My only complaint is that he likes to bite, which is fine because all puppies do, but he likes to try to chew our hands and arms and whatnot and his teeth are sharp! My sister and I are also taking turns sleeping downstairs with him to take him outside to use the bathroom at ungodly hours of the night. Oh well.

Welll, anyway. I actually have a lil' ficlet for Jun's 'lost' prompt, which was written at like midnight and so it's not exactly my masterpiece...but here it is. I wasn't going to post it but Jun asked nicely. =P

Fic: Lost
Author: Me (no beta)
Pair: Colin/Jared
Rating: pg13
Disclaimer: Never happened, no profit for me


“Colin, I think we’re-”

                “Don’t you dare say it-”


                “We are not lost.”

                “Well, we’re late.”

                “Isn’t it fashionable?”

                “Maybe if we were going to a party. Which we’re not.”

                “No one ever died from being late.”

                “Really? What if-”

                “To an appointment. Being late to an appointment.”

                “I was going to have fun tearing up that sentence.”

                “I know.”

                “I know you know.”


                “Know where we’re going yet?”

                “I’ve known exactly where we were going the whole time.”

                “Ah. You might have mentioned before that we would be taking the scenic route.”

                “Shut up.”

                “After all, you did choose such a lovely day for a drive, rain and fog everywhere. Oh, how it brings back the days of my youth, when God asked me to build an ark because the rain was coming. I didn’t want to, but God had a real way with words back then-”

                “I think that was Noah.”


                “Yeah. Ring any bells?”

                “I used to ring the bell every morning on that miserable ark – I had to take role call to make sure the animals didn’t kill each other. It would have been much easier now, since so many species have become extinct.”

                “’You are so. Fucking. Weird.”

                “Well, I have to entertain myself somehow. Do you think I had a radio in the days of the ark? No, sonny, I didn’t. I had my nagging wife and my lazy excuses for sons with their whore wives. And the animals. The animals understood me better than anyone, especially the bearded dragons. When they weren’t fucking that is, and let me tell you, there was a lot of animal fucking going on during those forty days. Do you know what elephants sound like when they go at it? How would you like waking up to those kinds of sounds every-”

                “God-dammit, Jared, if you don’t shut the fuck up right now your ass is on the street!”

                “At least then I could ask for directions.”

                “I don’t need directions, you prick. I need silence.”

                “Is every curse you say a secret declaration of your love for me? Cuz if it is, you’re turning me on.”

                “Jesus fucking Christ…”

                “Ooo, just like that, Colin.”

                “You’re insane.”

                “Insane about you.”

                “Isn’t it ‘crazy about you’?”

                “Is there a difference?”

                “I guess not.”

                “Then I’m insane about you.”

                “Are you.”

                “Oh, yes. I love your voice; I want to steal it and keep it in a bottle so that I can drink from it before every show. And your eyes. I want to take pictures of them and then sew your eye lids shut so that no one else can ever see them again except me. I want to wax your eyebrows off while you sleep and have them implanted on my face. Then I’ll buy brown contacts and stand in the mirror and pretend to have conversations with you. Then-”


                “Wait, baby, I’m not done.”

                “Oh yes you fucking are. This is the weirdest conversation I’ve ever had with you.”

                “But I didn’t even get to your cock.”

                “I don’t want to know what you’d do with that. I like it the way it is.”

                “Mmm, me too. But you knew that.”

                “I might have.”

                “What about mine?”

                “I like it the way it is, too.”

                “Thanks. Want to forget the appointment and like each other the way we are at home?”

                “And that was the weirdest lead-in to sex that I’ve heard from you.”

                “The offer stands nonetheless.”

                “…I am tired of driving around.”

                “Good. Home it is.”

                “Right…once I figure out how to get there.”

                “I thought we weren’t lost.”

                “We aren’t. There’s a hotel on the corner.”


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Aww so sweet puppy! :-D Oh, and fanfic is so strange, but funny. Anyway I like it.

He is sweet...when he's sleeping. =P Just kidding. He just shows affection very aggresively. Anyway, I'm glad it was funny and not just strange. ^_^ yay!

I'm kinda confused now, am I so hot, because of that heat outside,
or is it YOUR HOT DRABBLE or at least from preparing the last cake for
today? ;-)
No I'm almost sure it must be your drabble, 'coz after I shove that bloody dough in the oven, and were finally free to read this, all of the sudden I got that feeling of a burning flame
heating my body from my inner. ;-)

That was an enjoyable, funny and...I said it...hottt drabble.
All the bell ringing talks, hehe...and what he's planning on doing with Colin's face, to being able to take it with him and watching in the mirror, everytime he's not around.
And wow..drinking his voice, how creative that sounds....!!!

Lololove this so much, dear!


Dear, you crack me up. I wasn't trying to make this particular drabble focus on sex, but of course that's what it led to...=P I'm glad you liked it ^_^

And happy birthday dear!!! I hope you're having an awesome day!

Aghh..I knew it, something forgotten to again!

Your dog is soooo sweet, hon! always like little dogs which were supposed to grow big...and while they're still small, their paws are as big as they are supposed to be as grown dogs...and all the fur wrinkles...sooo cuddly.

How interesting...I've never heard that about dog paws. His paws aren't terribly big, so maybe he won't get too big. Which would be nice because I like small dogs. He is so adorable. I luv him =D

I learned it from the father of a friend in my youth, they always got big dogs, because her father was a hunter. And he declared me this, that the paws already have the orininal size of the grown dog,
and the fur has also the size's like a too big pullover, the
puppy have to grown in.
And that looks like soooo sweet when they are still young and tiny.


Aaawwww, this is such a cute puppy! Although I'm not fond of dogs at all, but they are soooo cute when they are little. And he looks so soft and cuddly. Rottweiler ... they get biiiig. I know a funny joke with a Rottweiler? Wanna hear it? :-)

The story was quite interesting. As a matter of fact the idea was great - them getting lost and, typical male, not asking for the way because *noooo, of course we are NOT lost*. :-) Some parts of their conversation were so much them ... :-) Made me laugh a lot. Others ... like the Ark part ... well, it was late when you wrote this and you were tired, right? xD

Thanks for sharing, hon. ♥ Have fun with your puppy.

For some reason it doesn't surprise me that you're not a dog person =P But I would luv to hear your joke. Renny isn't even full blooded, after all.

You know, I could actually see Jared rambling about something like being Noah =P After all his interviews, I wouldn't be surprised by anything that came out of his mouth. But I'm glad you liked the rest ^.^

My puppy is currently trying to bite my sister. She's much better at playing roughly with dogs than me.

*giggles* What ever makes you assume I was not a dog person? Just what kind of person is a dog person? Well, probably someone who likes dog hair all over the place and doesn't mind an animal that stinks like hell when it gets wet and sniffs the ass of its companions. LOL I'm more of a cat person, I guess. :-)

You really wanna hear that joke? Okay.

A burglar breaks into a house at nights. Suddenly he hears a voice behind him saying "The good Lord sees it all". He turns around, but does not see anyone. So he continues stuffing things into his bag, when the voice speaks again:"The good Lord sees it all". Looking around once more he spots a parrot in a cage. "Damn, you scared me", the burglar says to the parrot. "What's you name?" The parrot replies:"My name is Eugene". The burglar snickers and says:"That's a very unusual name for a parrot." And the bird retorts unimpressed:"So? 'The good Lord' is a very unusual name for a Rottweiler as well."

:-) I always loved that joke. Hope it made you laugh, too. Take care! ♥

Hahaha I knew that joke, but the version I knew was "Jesus is looking at you!"

Oh, that's good, too! LOL I only knew the joke in German, so I translated it. *Jesus is looking at you* LOL Love it!

"Are you Jesus?"
"No, I'm Jose, Jesus is the big fucking doberman standing right behind you!"

Looove your puppy - I'm a huge rottweiler fan. *cuddles him*
And your drabble hon ... LOVED IT! Love the banter - I think I taught you to write like that didn't I? *snickers* Just kidding. I really want to write Jared as Noah now though - imagine that. lol
I have a drabble/ficlet started that is in this format - so please don't think I was copying, love.
It was so good.
*glomps you*

Are you? I'm actually not a fan of big dogs but it's a miracle that we got my mom to agree to get a dog so I would've taken anything. lol.

Your banter is indeed entertaining as well =D Do you mean you have a fic started with them getting lost or with Jared as Noah? =P I'm sure either would be good. Looking forward to whatever it is. Well, unless it's a pairing I don't care for...but I'm sure it will be fine anyway. ^_^

*glomps back* Thanks dear!

Awww... cute puppy. I almost see a part 'lab' there, look at his big paws ^_^ Did you hide your beautiful shoes you bought recently? Don't let him see them, OK?

And thank you for changing your mind and posting this delightful ficlet! It was funny and very believable characterizations. I cold really picture Jared BS about Noah *lol* Can you continue this for this week's prompt *friend* if it is not too much to ask? (See? I'm asking you nicely *giggles*)

Don't worry, he has no access to my shoes. =] I'm sure he'd luv them, though.

And you're welcome! I'm glad you like it after all. ^.^ BS is a good phrase for Jared. Do you mean continue this at the hotel, lol? Mayyybe. ;) You do have a way with asking nicely =P

awwww the puppy!!! so cute!! i want to ...awwwwwwwwww!! looks so soft :):):)
i'll be back later to read the fic, i hate having 24hs days.... i need at least a 72hs one argh!

He IS so soft, especially his ears ^___^ And no worries, you can take your time with reading the fic, we could all use 72h days =P

Aaawwwr! Puppeeeh! Reminds me of my Lucy when she was a puppy, all soft and stuff *w*

And lol at Jared and his silly ramblings XD What is it with men not wanting to ask for fucking directions?! XD

lovely puppy! and big like my two Golden Retrievers!!!!!

OMG! loved the banter between those two and Jared was so nuts, well so Jared !!!!! loved it!!!

that's typical of men not wanting to ask for directions!!!!!!

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