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Heeey peeps! Just thought I'd give you a quick update on my life. I have no fic for you right now. I've got to focus on my Undoubtedly Devoted series anyway, since Tariel has started reading it and absolutely demands that I have an update ready by the time she's gotten through all the parts. Riiight. For those of you who have been reading it since I started it two years ago, I know that you'll advise her to read extra-slowly. XD

Well, I started biology yesterday. Three weeks and then I'm done with science forEVER! Fuck yeah! I better get an 'A' in this freaking class too...you don't really get any financial aid for summer classes. Oh, and during the spring I wrote a research paper on Alexander - isn't that exciting?? And I got a 98 on it. I rock pretty hard. I guess I could always let you all read my research paper, lol! It's only about what I deem as the first 'half' of his life, up to just before he was made king. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but there is SO MUCH information on Alexander! Like O-M-freaking-G. We had a 5-7 page limit. I could've written way more than the full 7 pages that I did. I've memorized the part of our library that has Alexander books. e_e There's so many little details that I wanted to throw in but couldn't. And the ironic part? There is no where NEAR the amount of information available on Alexander (btw, I'm more of an Alexander girl than Phai - I adore Phai too, though! writing a paper on Phai would've been a bitch) that I want. There is much too little info from HIS time. I read that there were various accounts written about him either during or shortly after his death. Not one of them survived. And apparently Alexander's body was stolen while being brought back to Macedon?? I was fuzzy on that. So, like, did they ever FIND his body? Is Alexander's body (or, by now, the remains of it) just lost somewhere??

 Ooo, do you guys want to know what I'm taking next fall? Was that a big fat YES?? Wellll, ok then. =P I'm taking, ahem: English, Spanish (the 6th class), Global Studies, History (specifically American history up to the end of the Civil War), Modern Drama, French I, and Class Piano I. 19 hours. Oh yeah. I'm pretty excited about that. My schedule is a crazy mother fucker but I love the subjects I'm taking! *sigh* I can't wait to go back to school...

Oh, and I'm sharing an apartment with my best friend, Laney! Yay!!! I'm so excited!!! Can't wait to get out of my parents' house again.

How is my job at Belk, you ask? Oh, just dandy, thanks. I'm working on getting a raise. I just need more credit card applications. Our inventory day is coming up in July...you will hear much bitching from me before and after that day. You have been warned.

I'm seeing Iron Man 2 tomorrow! Yaaay!! Please, no one tell me any spoilers. I LOVE me some Robert Downey Jr. He would definitely be on my LOTA. Which I haven't made yet. Good lord. I never posted pics of my home either. >.> Do you really want to see TN? Eh. Let's see if I can find anything worth posting from here...

 Ok, no exactly of my 'home', but isn't that shoe fabulous?? I just got that pair. e_e

 The creek by my grandparents' house during winter. I've always liked to go to the brige and just look at it.

 This is the same creek from the other side of the bridge.

 A piece of country side behind my grandparents' house. I don't live in the country, mind you, I live in a small city closer to Nashville. But I've always thought the country was more pretty. So it's the part of TN that I want to show.
 A shot of the sky during my sister's soccer game.

 My dad, sister, and I took a trip to a water fall (which you can see barely, in the top left corner), and it was pretty. The next few pics are from that.

And that's all I've got for you. I must go to bed now, good night guys! =]

Switching Mindsets

Ok, here's an actual fic for the 'switch' prompt. I dunno how many of you saw the other one besides Tariel, but here is my actual one. Enjoy.

Fic: Switching Mindsets
Author: Emily, no beta
Pair: Jared/Colin
Rating: pg 13
Disclaimer: never happened...I wish...


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Present for Luz!
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Undoubtedly Devoted: I Trust You

New part! Umm not much happens. I've had the worst writer's block with this story lately. I think it's because I subconciously never want it to end. I won't be surprised if you don't even remember what happened last time lol. But I'm making myself update with what I have so that I have to write more. But here it is, and I promise that the next part will actually contain significant actions. Ok? Umm I heart you guys, hopefully enjoy.

Fic: Undoubtedly Devoted
Author: Me! (no beta)
Pairing: Colin/Jared
Rating: teen
Disclaimer: Never happened! No profits for me!

Also, I know Tariel can't read this yet cuz she wants to wait until it's finished...well, it's one part closer to being finished dear =D


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Crack Drabble

Hi everyone! Not much to say. Just one crack drabble to offer for Jun. Enjoy (oh, and for the record, I do like J's hair e_e)

Fic: Crack Drabble
Author: Shut_down_angel (no beta)
Words: 100
Rating: teen? Nothing harmful really
Pair: Jared/Colin
Disclaimer: Didn't happen


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Hey peeps! Soo my life has been rather uneventful as of late. Well, that's almost a lie, but I never feel like making you read about the details of my life. But just in case you're curious, I suppose I'll bring you up-to-speed on some random things: A week ago I dyed my hair dark red - I like it a lot. ^_^ Umm I had a philosophy test yesterday that I feel pretty good about (you all know how useful I find philosophy =P). I'm pretty sure I'm going to major in English (with a concentration in literature) and minor in Spanish (I'm on the fence about my minor). I might double minor in Spanish and history, or double minor in Spanish and education?? I dunno! Writing would be an awesome minor too...gah...Hmm, last Saturday I went to a starbucks and I couldn't tell whether or not the girl working was flirting with me or not. I would like to know, though, because she was cute (I'm bi, btw). I might just flat out ask her if she's working the next time I go in. That should go well...

Anyway, what was the point of this post...? OH yes. I've seen the 'prompt tables' that some of you have? I've been thinking that I should like to have one; it looks like so much fun. Can anyone tell me how to make one and if there's a place I should get the 'prompt' words from? And how do you make the post to where it always stays at the top of your lj page? I dunno if I would get many requests since I don't write for pairings other than Alex/Phai and Jared/Colin. lol. If no one requested anything I would probably just start working through the words on my own XD But answers to these questions of mine would be most delightful.

Mucho luv!

Scent Drabble!
 Hiii everyone, I have a drabble for the 'scent' challange from our lovely Jun. I am sooo sleepy. Anyway. This could actually be for 'taste' too but oh well. Maybe I'll think of another one by the end of the week but for now this is my only offering and I hope you like it and that everyone had a happy Easter (dang, talk about your run-on sentences...)!

Fic: Scent Drabble
Author: Shut_down_angel, no beta
Words: 400
Pairing: Colin/Jared
Rating: mature? We're all adults here (legally anyway =P)
Disclaimer: I would find it very funny if Colin was actually like this. But it never happened as far as I know.


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Taste Drabble

So how many of you saw 30STM's cover of 'Bad Romance'?? e_e What did you think? Personally I love the original anyway cuz Lady Gaga is awesome, and it actually took me a couple times to really get into their cover version. I almost wish they had made the tempo faster. And also, did anyone else think that Jared's voice sounded like it might give out at any second? It wasn't bad, but maybe slightly over-used from the tour? I mean, their songs are vocally challenging. Poor Jared. After being in choir for 5 years I feel where he would be coming from. But maybe that's just me about his voice? Shannon and Tomo nailed their parts f course; I feel like that goes without saying lol. But over all I liked what they did with it. OH, and their lyric changes?? "I want you open mouthed and on your knees..." I doubt that anyone here would have trouble complying with that. And when he says "I want you in my bed, I'll make you sick" it actually goes "Want you in my rear window, baby you're sick" and it would've been freaking hilarious if Jared had kept that line the same.

So I'm going to cheat - I've had no time to write this week, but I wrote this like a week ago, and it actually fits the 'taste' prompt. Lucky me, huh? It was actually going to be a flashback in another story I'm working on but I decided not to use it, but I still liked it enough not to delete it. I have a thing for flashbacks. And now you'll know why this is set just after 'the kill' video came out.

ANYway. I would like to be more clever with it but I suppose this will do. I was on the fence about developing it more (before deciding to use it for the prompt) but it's fine. Not the best writing but it's something, right? Oh, but it's not a drabble, just a ficlet. How many times can I use the word 'but' without driving you all crazy?

Fic: Taste
Author: Shut_down_angel
Beta: none
Pairing: Colin/Jared
Rating: teen
Disclaimer: Never happened!

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Set Drabble and Other Nonsense

So just so you know, I probably won't update unless I have something like a fic to post. I dunno why but I just feel odd updating otherwise. But I do try to keep up with others' journals. =]

I'm taking a communications class and had to do a persuasive speech this morning. I'm so glad it's over! 0_0 It actually went pretty well, but she recorded them and so now I have to go watch the video of my speech and write an evaluation of my speech. I'm already incredibly self concious so there won't be much that I didn't catch as I gave my speech anyway. Should be interesting though. Maybe. Oh god, publicspeaking makes me want to dig a deep, dark hole in the ground and hide there.

Right now I'm still undeclared...but I think I want to major in English (in order to be a college professor) with a minor in Spanish? Maybe a double minor in Spanish and like English (but with a concentration in writing). Does that make sense? Well, I've got an advising session next week so hopefully the advisor will know what they're talking about.

Has anyone ever seen the movie 'Once'? It's a wonderful, pointless movie. It has THE most delightful soundtrack ever; I'm listening to it right now.

Right, so onto the drabble. I wrote one and wanted to wait and see if more ideas came to me, but none have that I feel are worth developing enough to write out, even as a drabble. This one is but 100 words (whoo! it was a BITCH getting it to 100 words) and I hope you enjoy it. =] 

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One more thing - bloodykisses89 has asked me to marry her based on our mutual adoration for certain musicals. My answer is yes, Alejandra =P Please wish us luck on our new life together XD

It's someone's special day...

I want to say happy birthday to Tariel, so, um, happy birthday, Tariel =] lol. I dunno how you feel about birthdays but I hope your day has been fabulous thus far! I wish I had the artistic ability to draw you a picture or something...not that I have current access to a scanner but still. So I wrote you a tiny fic instead. It's very rough, I'm not really editing it, but it's the thought that counts, right?? So here you go...

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